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Rear exterior remodel with patio.
Kitchen remodel in modern style.
Stove with retractable cook hood.
Livingroom remodel leading to patio.
Cantilever stairway.
Shower with golden gate bridge view.
Master bath remodel in modern style.
Bath vanity remodel

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In 2015 this project started as a minor remodel involving the rearrangement of the upper floor and the opening up of the main floor. One year later we had redone the entire home in a contemporary style. The owners decided to make a real commitment to style. The cantilever steel stair and the European door window are the highlights in this project

What: Residential Home Remodel

Where: Berkeley, CA

When: March 2016

Architect: David Berman

Photography: Ed Caldwell Photography

Featured: in article on, idea                        #7.

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